BWPPS was established in July 1977 by parents who recognized the need for a pre- primary school in the Berea West area. BWPPS is situated in the beautiful, lush surroundings of Berea West in Westville.  We are parallel to the M13 and off Essex Terrace.  The school offers a dynamic, nurturing and loving environment where all your children are treated as our children. We encourage all children to develop to their full potential.  The school helps our little people to develop into confident young people who will not be afraid to face the challenges of formal schooling years ahead. BWPPS is a child-centered environment.


UBUNTU…”Humanity to others”. “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Ubuntu is about caring and sharing for one another. At BWPPS the “child” is never alone but in constant communication and communion with others and nature.

  1. Bronfenbrenner describes human development as a set of overlapping ecological systems. All of them operate together to influence what a child becomes as he or she grows into an adult. In this sense development is not exclusively “in” the child, but is also “in” the child’s environment.

{Micro- system: situations in which the child has face-to-face contact with influential others.

Meso-system: relationships between micro-systems; the connections between situations.

Exo-system: settings in which the child does not participate but in which significant decisions are made affecting the child/adults who do interact directly with the child.

Macro-system: “Blue-prints” for defining and organizing the institutional life of the society.

Source: Garbarino(1982)

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